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Barrytown College and Sun Moon University Student Exchange Agreement

Barrytown College offers a number of study abroad options for students seeking to expand their understanding of other countries and cultures and a sense of their role as a global citizen.  We encourage students to consider short-term and semester-long study abroad opportunities sponsored by Barrytown College and by reputable outside organizations which specialize in developing programs for study and internships.  Any study abroad program and the student’s proposed course of study must be approved by the Dean of the College before the student can receive permission to spend the semester away and receive credit for the experience.

Shorter-term educational opportunities will be provided each year through faculty-led trips both nationally and internationally.  In addition, Barrytown College is developing partnerships with a number of other universities internationally where our students can join other undergraduates from around the world.

Through one-on-one consultations with the Dean of the College, students decide on their study abroad program and how it fits in with their academic work and personal interests.  Our students will be supported by faculty and staff through academic and financial aid advising.  Upon return, students will integrate their experiences into their studies and by enriching the Barrytown community.

Study Abroad Search Sites

General Information and Resources

Study Abroad Sponsors External to Barrytown College

  • SIT Study Abroad Programs
  • Living Routes Programs
  • IHP
  • CIEE
  • CET
  • Butler - Institute for Study Abroad
  • IES Abroad
  • Lexia International

Financial Aid for Study Abroad

Health & Counseling

  • Immunizations and Health Alerts
  • The Unabridged Student Counseling Virtual Pamphlet Collection
  • Cross Culture Adjustment

Passport and Travel Information

  • Passports for US Citizens
  • Department of State Travel Warnings
  • Cultural Insurance Services International

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