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There are a number of ways for students at Barrytown to stay active. Starting a sport club is a great way for students to boost their résumé by practicing leadership skills and to connect with students who share interests, all while maintaining a healthy body.

We are a new program, so our students get to decide the sports they want on campus! Students get to shape and influence the philosophy of the team, and tailor their commitment to it.

While intramural sports are always an option, students can start official sports clubs, too.

To get a club started:

1. Gather names and emails of the interested members for your prospective club.
2. Assign titles: President, Coach, Manager, Secretary, Treasurer, etc.
3. Register and submit organization form with proposed name, purpose and budget proposal.
4. Meet with the Student Life Director to receive approval for your club.
5. Draft a constitution (bylaws) and an official Rulebook.
6. Advertise your club’s first meeting and practice/meeting times.


Possible on campus clubs:

Archery— Requires 2 people— Side Field.athletics 1

Badminton— Requires 4 people— Side Field.

Ballroom Dancing— Requires 4 people— Auditorium.

Basket Ball— Requires 6-10 people— Gym.

Billiards— Requires 3 people— Pool table (location not final).

Boxing— Requires 4 people— Auditorium.

Cricket— Requires 11 people— Soccer Field.

Croquet— Requires 4 people— Side Field.

Cross Country— Requires 3 people— Campus Trails.

Dodge ball— Requires 8 people— Gym.

Fencing— Requires 4 athletics 4people— Auditorium.

Handball— Requires 14 people— Gym.

Judo— Requires 4 people— Auditorium.

Karate— Requires 4 people— Auditorium.

Lacrosse— Requires 8 people. Soccer Field.

Quidditch— Requires 8 people— Soccer Field.

Rugby— Requires 8 people— Soccer Field.

Soccer— Requires 7-8 people— Soccer Field.

Table tennis— Requires 3 people— 1 Ping-pong table (location not final).

Taekwondo— Requires 4 people— Auditorium.sportsfest 2010

Tennis— Requires 3 people— Tennis Court.

Ultimate Frisbee— Requires 8 people— Soccer Field.

Volleyball— Requires 6 people—Side Field.

Weightlifting— Requires 3 people— Weight Room.

Wrestling— Requires 3 people— Auditorium.


Possible clubs on the Hudson River:

Canoe/kayak— Requires 4 people.

Fishing— Requires 3 people.

Rowing— Requires 5-9 people.

Sailing— Requires 5 people.

athletics 3Wakeboarding— Requires 3 people.

Water skiing— Requires 4 people.


Outside of campus clubs:

Baseball— Requires 9 people— Red Hook Recreation Park.

Bowling— Requires 4 people— Roll-in-lanes.

Cycling— Requires 2 people— Red Hook Cycling Trails.

Equestrian— Requires 2 people— Blue Star Farms LTD or Blue Ribbon Farm and Academy.

Figure Skating— Requires 2 people— Saugerties Kiwanis Ice Rink.

Golf— Requires 2 people— Red Hook Golf Club.

Hiking— Requires 4 people— Catskill Mountains.

Paintball— Requires 4 people— Hornets Nest Paintball.

Racquetball— Requires 2 people

athletics 2Indoor Rock climbing— Requires 2 people— Albany Indoor Rock-climbing Gym

Snowboard and ski— Requires 4 people— Catskill Mountains; Hunter, Bellayre, Catamount, Gore, and Windham.

Softball— Requires 9 people— Red Hook Recreation Park.

Squash— Requires 5 people

Swimming— Requires 3 people

Trap and Skeet shooting— Requires 2 people— New Paltz Skeet Range.

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