Barrytown College “Direct the Change” Summer Media Institute

2014 BC Media Studio-Green Screen V2

“Barrytown’s Summer Media Intensive gave me another vision as to what I could possibly be doing with my life...I like the type of person it takes to create a documentary. It's a powerful medium to reach people, so it gave me insight into what it takes and how I could possibly fit into that.”


“When you're behind the scenes, you see all the effort that goes in. I am proud of the videos we made.”


“I learned so much about myself. It was more than I expected. It inspired me to pursue a career as a filmmaker.”


Help Us Direct the Change

direct the change 1We’re looking to do something new at Barrytown College this summer—to share the vision and stories of a rapidly changing world through digital media and inspired story-telling.  On July 7, 2014 we will begin the 2nd year of our on-campus Summer Media Institute which has the theme, Direct the Change.  Under the guidance of experienced educators and media professionals, students will learn to use the power of documentary truth-telling to create a variety of inspirational and educational videos.

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Our Plan

From July 7 – August 1, 2014 Barrytown College Media Institute students will learn writing, directing, cinematography and editing techniques while working together in teams to create their own documentaries.

Direct the Change Media Projects will explore such themes as the emerging conversations between science and spirituality, what brain research tells us about what it means to be human, male/female differences, what truly makes people successful and happy, and how culture has been used as a means of distraction and control, but also as a tool of enlightenment and liberation. While sharing new information, documentaries will also reveal how there is little more powerful and life-changing than truthful statements from “non-experts.”

Second, the Video Producing

direct the change 2The Barrytown College Summer Media Institute, running from July 7th-August 1st, is designed to introduce the art, aesthetics and techniques of non-fiction filmmaking.

Through the creation of small intern teams consisting of 4-5 participants each and the creation of one or two video stories per group, interns will engage in every phase of filmmaking: storyboarding, directing, shooting, and editing on Final Cut Pro. Our goal is to nurture the talents, skills, and development of all participants, incorporating the perspectives that each brings. The internship will conclude with an open screening of all videos produced and posting on our media websites.

The Summer Media Intensive can be taken as a continuing education course or for academic credit (federal loans and financial aid are available for qualified U.S. residents who are enrolled at accredited institution of higher education)

  • Residential Media Program, $1299- (includes on campus room & board)
  • Commuter Media Program, $499- (for those who live within commuting distance)

Enrolled at a college? You can take this for academic credits.

  • Residential Media Program with 3 academic credits, $2,799-
  • Commuter Media Program with 3 academic credits, $1,499-

You can also access a copy of the on-campus internship application HERE.

If you have any questions concerning video production during the internship, please contact Peter van Geldern at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. . 


At the End of the Day

What You Can Do

We encourage anyone interested in crafting media to tell stories about our changing world to apply. Application forms for all Direct the Change interns may be downloaded HERE and must be submitted to Alban Gaval at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. by June 10. Applicants will be informed regarding acceptance into the program by June 15.

Please direct any program and logistical questions to: 

Alban Gaval at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .

We look forward to working with you soon!

- The Team at Barrytown


Helpful Resources


You will find a variety of websites listed below providing resources for scriptwriters. We hope that these internet resources will help you in crafting your video scripts. We also recommend digging around further to see what else you might find out there. There are many books on scriptwriting available to you, for instance—you may be surprised to find what helpful resources your local library or bookstore have waiting for you.


Film Genres

Documentary:  The documentary genre provides an excellent way to share true stories and personal experiences.

  • Although TED Talks are not quite documentary, they share a prominent quality in their direct portrayal of the personal narrative.  Check out this talk, “Your Elusive Creative Genius” from Elizabeth Gilbert, author of Eat, Pray, Love.
  • “Heart” and “What Would You Give?”, the 2014 Barrytown College Video Competition 2nd and 3rd place prize-winners can be seen at

Here are other genres, which are sometimes incorporated in documentaries.

Animation:  Animations allow for a great range of graphic and thematic creativity for your story ideas.

Short Story: A well-told short story can impact audiences in profound ways, bringing thought-provoking ideas to life in only minutes.

Music Video: There’s nothing quite like watching an excellent song put to an excellent video—a music video can open the hearts and minds of its viewers in a matter of seconds.



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