“My Spiritual Awakening” 2012 Video Contest Winners Announced!

The winners of the Barrytown College's 2012 "My Spiritual Awakening" Video Contest have been chosen!

* The first prize of $2,000 goes to "72 Hours" by David Garand.
* The 2nd prize of $1,000 goes to "To Build a Home" by Aiyana Adshead.
* The 3rd prize of $500 goes to "Mr. Shu by the Riverbank" by Jae Malabunga.

Our thanks go to all of those who voted for their favorite videos and to the judges, Dr. Stephen Murray, Dean of Barrytown College, Dr. Donna Ferrantello, Professor of Literature at the college, and Pierre Tardy, creator of Completed Testament TV and Lovin Life TV channels on youtube.

72 Hours by David Garand

David Garand studies pure and applied science in Montreal, Québec. He enjoys cooking, playing guitar and flute. He became interested in photography and filmmaking in 2011. David says that "72 Hours" is an attempt to describe the experience and insights he had during 3 days when he tried to practice the first 5 Buddhist precepts as part of a project for his Eastern Religions class. Christian Sullivan helped as an assistant cameraman.

To Build a Home by Ayana Adshead

Aiyana Adshead, 19, resides in Maple Valley in Washington state. She explains that "To Build a Home" is about her relationship with her father, her struggles after he started the NextGen Academy program, and how she overcame feelings of abandonment through "receiving God's love through (my) parents." Judilee King, 21, helped with cinematography and editing.

Mr. Shu at the Riverbank - A short Story by Jae Malabunga

Jae Malabunga, who currently is participating in the Generation Peace Academy program of Lovin Life Ministry, explains that "Mr Shu at the Riverbank" is the story of a student and a teacher, and is based upon his own experiences with someone who deeply impacted Jae's life, before passing on into the spiritual world.

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