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hands heartThroughout human history, strong families provided the bedrock for transmitting sound cultural values. There is a wealth of evidence attesting to the benefits of the married, two-parent family: more wealth, improved overall health and happiness, longer life expectancy, greater sexual satisfaction, and children who grow up to be more successful, emotionally stable, and optimistic.

The past half-century, however, has seen a steady decline in couples getting married, a persistently high divorce rate and increasing numbers of children growing up in fatherless households. One in three children in the U.S. are being raised in single-parent families or shuttled back and forth between the homes of their divorced parents.

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Increasing numbers of children suffer abuse, violence and poverty due to chaotic relationships between their parents. The Relationship Institute at UTS, established in 2010, seeks to equip religious and community leaders with the information they need to speak out on behalf of strengthening marriage, and to implement effective programs that help couples to achieve and sustain healthy marriages.

The Relationship Institute is a place to learn about cutting-edge strategies to building intimacy in marriage, parenting a troubled teenager, or even selecting a lifelong partner. Courses are both research-based and experiential, incorporating personal reflection, discussion and creative learning.

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