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30 day love detoxthe 30-day love detox by Dr. Wendy WalshDetox is all the rage these days. Detox your body with the so-and-so diet, cleanse your inner energy with this type of meditation, detox your life and find yourself at this exotic place... you get my gist. Most of these seem a bit far-fetched to me personally, but this new book on relationship “detox” seems like it could be a find.

It’s by Ottawa-born relationship expert, Wendy Walsh, and it’s called The 30-Day Love Detox: Cleanse Yourself of Bad Boys, Cheaters, and Commitment Phobes - and Find Your Perfect Relationship. I haven’t read it myself but as this article points out, Walsh’s main mantra is that sex-free is the way to a fulfilling long-term relationship; despite the fact that our (somewhat sex-obsessed) society is always pushing the opposite.

Walsh shows in her book that by delaying sex in a relationship, there is time for emotional intimacy and communication to be established without being swayed by sexual attachment. This isn’t just an old-fashioned view on things but a research-backed alternative to more permissive lifestyle choices that - while cloaked as “liberation” - only seem to be leaving people more dissatisfied and alone.

Also covered are other barriers to committed relationships: texting and false attention. With texting, Walsh points out that it prevents face-to-face interaction while still leaving the door open for potential sex, as the illusion of familiarity is created. As for false attention, Walsh encourages women to cut out flattering yet non-realistic men (live overseas or can’t commit but love to paint your Facebook wall with compliments), and so leave your mind open for a good man.

It may seem like it’s going back to basics, but I think this book looks worth a read - especially if you’re currently navigating the dating scene or know people who are.

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